Chiropractic new patient consultation.

Your New Patient visits are split over two sessions allowing the chiropractor time to discover exactly what is going on and also explain in a clear and understandable way your options going forward. 

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Your New Patient visits are split over two sessions.

1. New Patient Exam.

This is your first visit and will last up to 45 minutes, during this time the chiropractor will ask you a series of question and carry out a chiropractic exam. 

2. Report of Findings.

This is your second visit and will take up to 30 minutes, during this time your chiropractor will explain your condition and treatment options. 

The total cost of these two appointments is £75.00 and we hold a £50.00 deposit against missed or late cancellation (less that 48 hour notice).

Please note this does not included your first adjustment fee. 

New patient exam