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New Patient Visits:

£45.00 - New Patients Consultation

This appointment is designed to help find out exactly what is going on. Your chiropractor will carry out a detailed consultation and examination, assessing your spine, joints, nerves and muscles. Allow up to 60 minutes for this appointment. Following this visit, you will join us for your Report of Findings on a seperate day.

£45.00 - Report of Findings 

During this visit, your chiropractor will go through what they have found from your consultation and go through their findings. They will go through how they can help along with your recommended individual plan of care going forward. They will provide any guidance on how you can help yourself too, and let you know how much care will cost.  Allow up to 30 minutes for this appointment.

Regular Visit:

Chiropractic Treatment Over 18 - £44.00 (Pay as You Go*)

*Care saving plans are available and if appropriate will be discussed in your results session.

Chiropractic Treatment Under 18 - £33.00.

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