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Complaints Procedure


As a regulated health care profession it is right and proper that the clinic has a clear and visible complaints procedure. 


Aceso Family Chiropractic has a practice-based complaints procedure for patients and other visitors. Most complaints may be effectively dealt with at the time they arise. However, we appreciate that some situations may require exploration of the fact surrounding them, this document explains how we do this. 


Unfortunately, there are some areas of a complaint that may not, for legal or other reasons be dealt with by the practice. If you do have a complaint and we are unable to deal with it we will inform you of this, together with the reason why and provide you with details of who may be contacted in order to pursue the complaint further. 


Initially we will ask you to address your concerns in writing to your chiropractor, who will attempt to address the issue to your complete satisfaction by speaking to you as soon as possible. Our aim is to acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and give you an explanation or arrange a meeting within 10 working days. 


 If you would find it too difficult or uncomfortable speaking directly to them, then the appropriate step is to speak to another member of the team. However, we hope that most patients will feel able to talk through concerns directly with their chiropractor after setting out the complaint in writing. 


You can do this via email on, or by post to Aceso Family Chiropractic, 25 Moreton Road, Buckingham, MK181JZ.


If you would prefer to speak over the phone or meet in person to discuss your complaint initially, you can do so on 01280 731157. The front desk team will arrange for your chiropractor, or if preferred, another member of the team to call you back.


Complaining on behalf of someone else: 


We observe strict rules of confidentiality. If someone is complaining on your behalf we will require written authority from you so that they can act on your behalf. If you are legally unable to give consent (e.g. you are 16 years or younger) we will require authority in writing from your legal guardian.


Finally, should the issue not have been resolved via any of these avenues, you can pursue a formal complaint to the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), the regulatory body of the Chiropractic Profession at 44 Wicklow Street, London WC1X 9HL.  

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