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Could a Vitamin D deficiency be causing my back pain?

With studies showing that up to 75% of the UK are Vitamin D deficient plus the fact we cannot generate Vitamin D in the UK between October and April the answer could be yes.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause a wide range of symptoms:

· Pain and stiffness that is persistent despite Chiropractic care.

· Diffuse central low back pain, widespread aches and pains which may be misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia or growing pains in children.

· Low mood/depression, SAD (seasonal affected disorder).

Looking at the list above you can see why we are such big fans of Vitamin D at the clinic. But how should we be keeping our levels good? Our aim with supplementation is always to mimic nature and on a nice sunny day in July we could generate 20000 iu of Vitamin D in half an hour. So, why not discuss with us if a Vitamin D supplement would be useful and what dose rate is best. We also stock an amazing Vitamin D3 4000 iu supplement in the clinic.

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