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Reduce Tension With These Tips

Would you love to get rid of that tension, that feeling of tightness and pressure? Tension is a common problem many of us face daily, and if it is not addressed, has the potential to manifest into other symptoms. There are many ways tension can show up, and if you are experiencing it right now, you may be able to relate. Maybe it’s the feeling of restriction within your body, the painful shoulders and neck that you constantly need to move or self-massage, or the feeling of pressure at the front of your head that develops into a headache. The experience differs for everyone, but there are some common reasons why it starts in the first place. These include poor posture and spinal mechanics, stress, and physical activity. What can be done to help?

Reducing tension is essential for overall health and well-being, and the good news is there are steps you can take each day to help. Here are 6 tips to get you started:

1. Incorporate relaxation techniques Several techniques can help you relax, such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, tai chi, or simply enjoying some quiet time for you with a nice warm bath. Being intentional with your relaxation helps to calm your mind, reduces tension within your body, and allows you to check in with yourself and listen to what you need.

2. Daily exercise

Movement does wonders for your body. It creates mobility through your joints, and every time you exercise, it promotes the release of endorphins. These hormones are your natural mood elevators, which help to reduce stress and tension. In addition, factoring in daily exercise can help with your sleep, which is key to manage stress and tension.

3. Practice good posture

Daily activities such as sitting at a desk, driving, and using technology such as laptops and phones, can encourage your spine to round and your head to move forward. These sustained positions are unnatural for your body, often contributing to the discomfort experienced. Therefore, being mindful of the position of your head in relation to your shoulders and keeping your spine in a neutral position will help. Factoring in regular breaks throughout your day to stand up and stretch will help to reset your posture.

4. Prioritise sleep

If you have missed a few hours of sleep, you will likely remember its negative impact on your day. Sleep is critical for your body to repair and heal, and being well-rested helps to reduce tension and stress. Try and aim for 7-9 hours a night.

5. Maintain a healthy diet

Your body needs the right ingredients to function at its best, and the correct nutrients help to reduce inflammation which can exacerbate the symptoms experienced. Therefore, try to get plenty of fresh foods onto your plate and keep a water bottle by your side so that you can sip away and stay hydrated during the day.

6. Seek help

It may be time to seek support if you are experiencing chronic tension or pain despite trying to help yourself. As chiropractors we specialise in spinal health, and part of our assessment is to identify areas of tension in the body. Chiropractic adjustments help to restore proper movement and function. The hands-on care along with tailored guidance can provide effective relief for tension experienced. Reducing tension takes time and effort, but incorporating these tips within your daily routine can help to reduce discomfort and improve your overall health and well-being.

If the discomfort persists or you would like tailored guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In practice, we often see people feel more relaxed and less restricted following their chiropractic visits; many describe it like 'a weight has been lifted from their body'. A feeling we could all do with now and again!

The content of this blog is for educational purposes and is not intended to offer personal medical advice. You should seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this blog.

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