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The Aceso Introduction

The first step on your health journey with us. We believe pain is an indicator that something must shift. Pain is not something to be ignored but rather to recess and take new action, but first we need to find the cause. 


Book Online and save £20.00: £40.00 (usually £60).


Your first visit includes:

A customised and comprehensive consultation, during which we will:

  • Delve into any concerns and aspirations you may have regarding your health.

  • Review your medical history.

  • Evaluate your health in a holistic and functional manner.

  • A physical assessment, postural scans, chiropractic and Neurological tests. This process aims to unveil the root cause of your concerns within the broader context of your overall well-being.

  • If appropriate some gentle care may be offered. 

  • We will then invite you back on a seperate day and talk you through our findings, and tailor a care plan to address your specific issues and propel you towards achieving your health objectives.

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