Chiropractic Treatment Room

Your Journey with Us

We are a modern health care clinic with traditional values. We strive to be a place of calm where your body can begin to heal.  

New Patient Visit

Your New Patient visit is designed to allow the chiropractor to discover the root cause of your problem and determine if they are the best person to help you reach your health goals. 

After the examination, if it seems that chiropractic care is appropriate, we will provide your first chiropractic adjustment.


On your next appointment (Report of Findings), your chiropractor will explain your condition in further detail. The chiropractor will outline treatment options, explaining costs and recovery times. 

MRI or X-ray if required can be arranged by your chiropractor. 


Regular Visits 

During your visits your chiropractor will use specific chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue techniques to help relieve your symptoms and improve your overall musculoskeletal function. Your chiropractor  may also prescribe rehabilitation and give advice on exercise classes. 

After your pain has gone many patients decide to continue care, to maintain their improvements. This is something you can discuss with your chiropractor during your care. 


At regular stages your chiropractor will perform a progress exam to monitor the improvements which you are making.