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How often should I see my chiropractor?

Often the answer you may want to hear is once! But like most things that are really good for us it is unlikely that just one visit would make major changes to our long-term health and wellness. Problems can take years to develop but it is the pain that occurs after time that motivates us to attend the clinic. We like to think of this like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Problems will often develop as we sit hunched at our desk or bend and twist or tense up as we deal with daily stress, then suddenly, the smallest of things can cause something to hurt. We can be almost certain that pulling the weed out of the flower bed did not cause the problem, it is instead, the last straw.

We like to think that seeing a chiropractor is like going to the gym; it takes time, frequency, and commitment to make major changes. Working with you to fix the problem will help your brain and spine communicate to give you the stability to reduce your aches and pains. Nobody has ever made lifelong changes after visiting the gym once!

But how long does it take and how often should you get checked? The truth is everyone is different but as chiropractors with years of clinical experience, and working with your goals in mind, we can produce a unique treatment plan for you.

If you are sitting at home now reading this and thinking, do I need an adjustment, then do this quick exercise.

Write down:

  1. All the things you have eaten over the last few days; are you only consuming nutrient rich whole foods?

  2. How much have I moved over the last 48 hours; have I been hunched over my computer all day?

  3. Have I exercised on a regular basis (three times a week)?

If your answers to these questions indicate that you may be lacking in movement and so increasing inflammation, then regardless of symptoms you are likely to be losing joint motion and hence increasing your stress response. Seeing a chiropractor may be a healthy thing to do.

Remember symptoms are not a good indication of what is happening under the skin, our bodies are amazing at tolerating and dealing with stress until one last thing is the straw that causes us pain and dis-ease.

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