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Why did my back start to hurt?

The number one question we get asked is why did the pain start?The answer more often than not is micro-trauma, this could be sitting at your desk, picking up your children or that trip up the pavement.

These are often not enough to cause pain in isolation, but when combined with all the other micro-traumas over the days, weeks, months and years previously, they cause symptoms. Another way to think of this is that symptoms do not just appear out of thin air; they build up over time like the analogy of straws on a camel's back. Hundreds of straws are stacked up over time, yet, with the addition of the thousandth tiny straw, the camel’s back suddenly breaks. Symptoms are often like the tip of the iceberg with a much bigger problem under the surface. After all, symptoms are just that, they are not the cause. They are a bit like the fire alarm going off to warn you there is a problem. The fire alarm is not the problem so do not just turn off the alarm and ignore the problem, go and find the cause and put out the fire.

There is a saying in healthcare that pain in the last thing to come and first thing to go, but just because we have taken the batteries out of the smoke alarm it does not mean the fire has gone out.

True healing takes times and effort but is always worth it in the long run.

One of our aims as chiropractors is not only to get rid of the pain but to stop it coming back and to do this we often have to work on the iceberg below the water as well.

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